The SKDRDP was founded with single important purpose of "Inclusive Rural Development". To achieve this we created 3 main things for Individuals. They were Loans, Insurance & Pensions which ushered Financial Stability.

  • Pragathi Nidhi Loans
  • Sampoorna Suksha Health Insurance
  • Jeevan Madhura Life Insurance
  • National Pension Scheme

To enable people to inculcate the habit of "helping others", we started organising SHG's which are called as PragathiBandhu(PBG)

Our lending and Training programs are geared towards members and their families. As every family has 3 types of people, we have special programs focussed these 3 focus groups.

  • Family Head - huge array of programs under Agriculture division.
  • Women Empowrwerment - Jnanavikasa to make them self sustaianable.
  • Children - Sujnana Nidhi scholarship

Apart from family, Community also matters, hence we have a special division called as CDP Division to develop the Rural Infrastructure.

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Credit Activities
Active SHG's 3,04,000 SHG's
Total Members 32,99,000 Members
Loans disbursed(FY) Rs. 2,736.12 Crores
Currently Outstanding Loans Rs. 3,557.39 Crores
Credit+ Activities
Jeevan Madhura 11,32,587 policies
National Pension Scheme 2,92,000 members
Sampoorna Suraksha 6,95,039 claims
Training programs(FY) 741 trainings
Total Participants attended(FY) 24,692 people
Community Development Spending Rs. 7,000 lakhs
Sujnana Nidhi Scholarships Rs. 1,753 lakhs
De-addiction camps 784 camps
People de-addicted 65,000 people
Jnana Deepa 12,995 Teachers
Shudh Ganga 80 units in 6 districts

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The Executive Director,
Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project®

Dharmashree Building,
Dharmasthala, Dakshina Kannada District,
Karnataka, India, 574216